RFG StudioThe Music Industry Studies program is a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in Business. The major has three concentrations, or specialty areas, titled: Music Products, Music Recording and Production, and Music Marketing and Promotion. The Undergraduate Catalog for Appalachian State University lists all the degrees and courses for the Music Industry Studies major and can be found here.

As required by the Hayes School of Music, each student must pass an audition on their principal instrument that is judged by the Hayes School of Music faculty. All Music Industry Studies majors are musicians, and as such, will be expected to read music and perform proficiently.

The Music Recording and Production concentration is most closely associated with the Robert F. Gilley Recording Studio and students in this specialty area work within the facility in order to achieve their final products. While many students may have their own personal equipment and recording facilities, these are not required in order to be part of the program. As well as working within the studio, students will spend time in the on-campus record label, Split Rail Records. This is a student-run organization that participates in real-world activities with local artists, such as signing new groups or songwriters to the label, as well as recording and distributing albums and EPs. This aspect of the Music Industry Studies program allows majors to gain experience in the actual management and day-to-day workings of a real record label. To learn more about Split Rail Records, click here.