Studio A

Studio AStudio A is the main control room of the facility and as such has the majority of the recording and mixing equipment necessary to handle the large scale projects that come into the recording studio. The SSL Duality Delta is a hybrid analog/digital console with extensive automation and HUI control.

Studio B

Studio BStudio B is designed for a multitude of choices including but not limited to: 5.1 mixing facility, offline editing suite, electronic music production, MIDI and sampling work, pre-production studio, tracking facility, recording space, video post-production, and pod-casting. The studio os outfitted with the Yamaha DM2000, which is a 96 channel digital console, and Apogee AD-DA converters.

Studio C/ Recital Hall

Amek BoardThe Recital Hall and Studio C, located inside of the Hayes School of Music, is utilized partially for student recitals and performances by Hayes School of Music ensembles and partially for studio productions. The Recital Hall is equipped with a sound booth, which can be used for live recordings of performances. Live audio streams of students' performances can be accessed here.

Dolby Atmos Control Room

Newly designed and integrated in 2021, the Dolby Atmos Control Room uses a 7.1.4 setup of all Genelec DSP Monitors and Subwoofer for the Dolby Atmos speaker configuration.  Designed as a facility to primarily mix and teach both surround sound as well as object based mixing configurations, it functions as a secondary recording facility for overdubs, Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Foley Design, and teaching Game Audio Engines such as UnReal Engine and middleware software like Wwise and FMod.   

Rosen Concert Hall

equipment in RosenThe Rosen Concert Hall is equipped with an Orion 32 ADDA converter using ProTools 9, which allows us to record all concert performances at 24 bits and up to 192kHz sampling rate. In the hall, there is a Decca Tree suspending from the ceiling joists that uses a trio of DPA 4006TL omni microphones through an 8 channel Millenia Media HV-3D preamp.