Studio B

Studio BStudio B is designed for a multitude of choices including but not limited to: 5.1 mixing facility, offline editing suite, electronic music production, MIDI and sampling work, pre-production studio, tracking facility, recording space, video post-production, and pod-casting. The studio os outfitted with the Yamaha DM2000, which is a 96 channel digital console, and Apogee AD-DA converters. With over 10 different samplers, drum machines, sound modules and synthesizers, Studio B Control has the functionality for producer-engineer types interested in performing their own compositions as well as the flexibility to integrate synthesis with recorded audio from the Live Room of the Facility. 

The entire studio has tie lines running from room to room as well as mic lines and cue lines which all terminate at the patchbay in this main room allowing for a variety of options to be had for a session. The control room's acoustical design was done by John Storyk from New York based acoustical design company Walters-Storyk Design Group. The room has the capability of clocking to a variety of different sources including the Antelope Audio Trinity  clocking system in the machine which allows Studio B to utilize the Apogee AD 16x and DA16x for conversion as well as the Dante Infrastructure which enables students to have access to over $100,000 worth of studio effects in the Machine Room of the facility. 

Funds generated from sessions for students, faculty and the general public help go towards the update, upkeep and general maintenance of the equipment and outboard processors necessary to maintain a high level recording facilty.  Any questions or concerns about particular listings or availability of different equipment can be directed to the Chief Recording Engineer, Mr. Scott Wynne at