Dolby Atmos Control Room

Newly designed and integrated in 2021, the Dolby Atmos Control Room uses a 7.1.4 setup of all Genelec DSP Monitors and Subwoofer for the Dolby Atmos speaker configuration.  Designed as a facility to primarily mix and teach both surround sound as well as object based mixing configurations, it functions as a secondary recording facility for overdubs, Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Foley Design, and teaching Game Audio Engines such as UnReal Engine and middleware software like Wwise and FMod.   

The Dolby Atmos Studio has two isolation booths(Iso Booths) which house a dual monitor Keyboard Video and Mouse (KVM) setups on moveable stations attached to the wall.  Iso Booth B is setup with a Focusrite RedNet X2P setup with a Sanken lavalier microphone and a Sennheiser MKH50 shotgun microphone for quick setup for voice over and ADR work.  A similar setup is available in Iso Booth A which is primarily designed for students and visiting engineers to use any of our available microphones on the RedNet X2P for recording of foley, instruments, vocals, or as a secondary ADR booth for conversational dialogues. 

Funds generated from sessions for students, faculty and the general public help go towards the update, upkeep and general maintenance of the equipment and outboard processors necessary to maintain a high level recording facilty.  Any questions or concerns about particular listings or availability of different equipment can be directed to the Chief Recording Engineer, Mr. Scott Wynne at