Studio A

Studio AStudio A is the main control room of the facility and as such has the majority of the recording and mixing equipment necessary to handle the large scale projects that come into the recording studio. The SSL Duality Delta is a hybrid analog/digital console with extensive automation and HUI control. Currently, the recording system is Protools HD 12 with two SSL Alpha Link interfaces allowing for 48 inputs and outputs to and from Pro Tools with a Mac Pro Intel Quad Processor.

The entire studio has tie lines running from room to room as well as mic lines and cue lines which all terminate at the patchbay in the A control room allowing for a variety of options to be had for any session. Dante via Focusrite Rednet allows easy patching to the effects units from either studio. The control room was designed by John Storyk from New York based acoustical design company Walters-Storyk Design Group. All computers and the main clocking system originate from the Machine Room and a CAT5 extend it system brings out keyboard, video and mouse control to the console holder. This allows the engineer and producer to work in an environment, which takes advantage of the room's flat frequency response designed by the acousticians.

Funds generated from sessions for students, faculty and the general public help go toward the update, upkeep and general maintenance of the equipment and outboard processors necessary to maintain a high level recording facility. A list of the equipment is updated as frequently as possible and can be downloaded here. Any questions or concerns about particular listings or availability of different equipment can be directed to the Chief Recording Engineer, Mr. Scott Wynne.