Scheduling Information

Students in the program enjoy a facility that is operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week and take advantage of those hours throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. We continue to work with artists and engineers external to the Hayes School of Music by producing outside projects when ever we have availability and would encourage you to notify us about your project and your interests. Several tours throughout the week occur and we schedule those as is convenient with the facility and the interested touring persons. While time is limited throughout the semester, we have done several external projects for clients and hosted several engineers interested in starting or finishing a project at the Robert F Gilley Recording Studio. If you are looking for the opportunity to block out the facility for your project, we schedule the Holiday Break and the Summer Breaks as soon as possible to allow outside projects to take advantage of all our facility has to offer.

While our normal fee is far below what you would find in the major recording Meccas, we do offer discounts to projects which utilize students as part of the engineering team, choose to offer workshops for the students during the Fall and Spring semesters, as well as projects which are interested in booking a large amount of time during our breaks. We also encourage projects to get in touch with other local studios and engineers when we are not able to host them with our busy schedule during the semester and provide other useful recommendations as capable. For more details feel free to email the Chief Recording Engineer about rates and availability.

QEP Global Learning


Chief Recording Engineer:
Mr. Scott Wynne
Assistant Professor of Music
Hayes School of Music
813 Rivers Street
Boone, NC 28608


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