LaChappell 992 EG

Scott LaChappell's 992EG two channel tube preamp
Project Date: 
Project Location: 
Studio A

Project Description

This LaChappell 992eg is a great vacuum tube preamplifier purchased from Scott LaChappell in Nashville, TN. The importance of this amazing unit is that Scott and his father worked on this particular unit together and when he found out we were interested in his unit for the studio- he was so thrilled he offered to work on the pre and get it up to his personal specs and then get it over to us. We love the unit for its creative influence on tone and smooth high frequency response. It goes without saying you get a lot of control on the amount of crunch you want to add in or how clean you want this unit to run. Thanks Scott!!!


Chief Recording Engineer:
Mr. Scott Wynne
Assistant Professor of Music
Hayes School of Music
813 Rivers Street
Boone, NC 28608


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Upcoming Reservations

Jun 30
(All day)
Casey Wells - String Quartet
Jul 3
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Ben Mercer
Jul 10
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Kimberly Hilton
Jul 21 - Jul 22
12:00am - 10:30pm
Daniel Platt
Jul 26 - Jul 27
(All day)
Kevin McCloskey
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