Roland TR-8 Drum Machine

Happy #FeatureFriday! We're featuring one piece of gear from #RFGstudio every week available for use in student or client sessions! The first is the Roland TR-8; a rhythm machine that combines the legendary sounds of the TR-808 and TR-909.
Project Date: 
Project Location: 
Studio B

Project Description

This is the Roland TR-8 in the B Studio which encompasses the TR-808, modified 808, and the TR-909 sounds. Recently released the drum machine has added on expansion packs which will be downloaded for additional sounds from other great drum machine modules. One of the best features of this unit happens to be that we mounted in B Studio on a Middle Atlantic drawer to slide in and out for use and also secured it to the drawer using velcro allowing the unit to be also used in C Studio or A.
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Chief Recording Engineer:
Mr. Scott Wynne
Assistant Professor of Music
Hayes School of Music
813 Rivers Street
Boone, NC 28608


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